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2022-09-23 National Hurricane Center Five-Day Outlook map overlay now available on SV (under the Real-Time section).
2022-09-23 New Slider Compare lets you compare same map/hour between different models or different cycles of the same model. See front page for more detail and a demo:
2022-09-22 SV just added tracking lines to the max-res surface low positions for tropical assessments. See example here from latest 6z:
2022-09-21 Correction: New Nova Scotia Fiona floater did not update in time for start of European ensemble, but managed to get most maps of that cycle and will be all maps of future global model cycles. You can find the map projection under the Global option.
2022-09-21 Nova Scotia Fiona Floater added starting with current 12z European ensemble: We're working to get it into the menu system, but you can toggle to other models from there as they update going forward.
2022-09-16 SV API wind data now includes 7 days of hourly generation observations and 10-year present day analysis generation normals. See more here:
2022-09-13 Short-Range Hi-Res NAM and HRRR models now include Downward Short-Wave Radiation Flux maps for solar forecasting. Examples are and
2022-09-08 Fire overlay options are now added to U.S. state maps for the HRRR model. These active fire locations are updated each hour.
2022-09-08 New vertically-integrated smoke maps now available for HRRR model. See example here:
2022-08-24 You can now choose to reverse the color bar on SV cloud cover maps (making clouds white vs. dark). To change that, go to My Account, Display Options, and change the menu option under Default Cloud Cover Colorbar. Make sure to hit Save at bottom of page.
2022-08-08 New ISO region has been added to SV for weighted degree days: Quebec. See example here:
2022-08-08 PJM solar outlooks are now available on SV. Find them under Features -> Renewables -> Solar Generation or go directly here for an example:
2022-08-08 Three new composite maps have been added for tropical areas: (1) U-Wind anomaly, (2) wind shear, and (3) wind shear anomalies. See an example here:
2022-08-03 SV WDD forecast line charts now include a toggle-on option (by clicking in the legend) for 10-year and 30-year standard deviation climatology. Check it out here:
2022-08-03 New SST map projection available on SV that focuses south of the Northeast Pacific (to cover more of the Baja California area):
2022-08-01 New SV composite page allows for multiple variable comparisons over all time periods for same model. Check it out here:
2022-07-21 Five new overlay options are now added for SV forecast maps: HGL Pipelines, NG Pipelines, Transmission Lines (220kV+, 345kV+, and 500kV+). Click the Overlay option above any map to choose what you'd like to see.
2022-07-14 Wind generation forecasts added for four main cycles of HRRR model (0z, 6z, 12z, 18z) as compared here: Wind generation API data starts with HRRR model on today's 12z cycle (and then all of the four main cycles each day) as described here:
2022-07-12 Precipitable Water Anomaly maps are now available on StormVista for GFS, GFS-ENS, NAM, NAM-HIRES, and HRRR models (under precip and severe tabs). See example here:
2022-07-07 New Canadian operational and Canadian-regional 80-meter wind forecasts are available. See examples and